Aomori Gourmet: Batu Bulan (Indonesian restaurant)

I found an Indonesian restaurant in this page. Is it the only Indonesian restaurant in Aomori?

You'll find a cafe and shop of Bali miscellaneous goods (named Bali Bali Banbu) in the first floor, and the Indonesian restaurant in the second floor, when you enter the blue building which faced the north side of Ito-Yokado Aomori shop. A big gong is put before eyes when I open a door of the first floor and it says "Swat me if you come the restaurant." It echoed heavier and lower sounds than I expected when I swat it fearfully and I heard a voice of "Welcome!" from the top. When you take off shoes and enter the second floor, you'll find a room that all seats are on the floor.

As a lunch menu, you choose four kinds of "Bali dishes". If my memory is right, the choice are the next four dishes.

  • Nasi Goreng, Indonesian fried rice
  • Mie Goreng, Indonesian fried noodle
  • Soto Ayam, Chiken soup with bean-starch vermicelli and boiled egg
  • Bakso, Soup of a meat dumpling with noodle

I order the nasi goreng that is standard in Indonesian cooking at this time. Shrimp crackers and a fried egg are put on the rice, and besides Sate (a barbecued chicken) and salad are on the same dish. Vegetables such as red and yellow paprikas, shrimps, chicken are in rice and the tastes are mild. I poured the red pepper sauce on the rice, as was said that pour it if you please and it got so hot but was delicious at all. I might get sick with Sate.

I thought it was a dream to be able to have the nasi goreng in Aomori. I calm down at all when I listen to a gamelan flowing in a shop. I agree that Bali becomes a popular tourist attraction.

I order Bali coffee after a meal. Hot water is poured directly into the coffee beans which is milled finely. Powder of beans floats at the start, but it is sunk while I stir it. A clerk taught it carefully.

To be frank, interior decoration is simple, but it can make yourself at home very much. I am already wondering which lunch menu I should take at the next time.

Unfortunately, this restaurant have closed. (June 25, 2006)

Batu Bulan
2nd Floor, Tap Building, 13-15, Hamada 1-chome, Aomori city
Opens 11:30-14:30, 18:00-24:00 (Last Order 23:00)
Closes Sundays at lunch, Mondays at dinner